Sunday, October 14, 2012

Halloween craft: Spooky Floating Ghosts

I actually made these guys several years ago, and only used them once.  I went upstairs- where we store all of our junk - last night to get something and found these.. and a possible one-time rodent problem -- yuck!  I brought them down, tore them apart and started over with clean supplies.  I thought it'd be a good opportunity to trick you all into thinking I'm crafty (mwahahaha!) ;)

What you need:

Styrofoam balls - or any lightweight ball. I think mine were about 4" across, but any size will work depending on your desired ghost size. I had these left over from my wedding over 4 years ago.
Plastic grocery bags
A marker
Floral wire or sturdy thread

How to make them:

Start off by cutting off the handles of your plastic bag.  Cover the styrofoam ball with the plastic bag.

Cut out any large logos.  Smaller things can be hidden when you gather the bag.

Cut a strip of plastic (or thread, or wire.. whatever.  The bag handles work well though) and use it to gather the plastic under the ball, tucking in anything you want hidden, and tie.

Draw a spooky face.  I know, mine isn't very spooky.

Tulle, since I forgot to take a picture of it with everything else..

Cut some strips of tulle in the desired length.  Mine were a little longer than the plastic.  Cover your ghost's head with tulle, letting it drape over to form the body.  Secure with a thin strip of tulle.

Cut some strips of floral wire or thread.  Again, this depends on how far you want yours to hang. (I so wish I had a tree to hang mine on!)

Form a hook on each end and put through the tulle (Sorry this picture is upside down)

Secure by twisting or pulling over to close.


Mine blowing in the wind.

Like this idea?  

And here's a cheap remake of a Halloween decoration I didn't think was creepy enough.  This was a bound guy that's motion activated.  He howls and makes all kind of noise trying to get loose.  I wrapped him with store-bought spiderweb.. stuff.. and attached a couple spider.  Now I just need a giant spider web to attach him too..
(ugh, how can I get blogger NOT to flip my pictures when I upload them?)

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