Friday, February 8, 2013

Quick and healthy small-batch oatmeal

Here’s one of my favorite breakfasts this week. I liked it so much that I threw together a batch as fridge oatmeal (see below) to enjoy throughout the rest of the week without having to prepare and cook it each morning.

1 cup of water
½ cup old-fashioned oats
1-2 T. pure maple syrup
¼ cup or so of fruit: I used peeled/chopped Braeburn apple, homemade canned unsweetened pears and raisins. Add more or less if desired
½ T. flax seeds

Heat water and maple syrup in saucepan. Add oats, raisins, apples and flax seeds and cook as directed on oats package. Add pears before removing from heat as directed on package.
Serve hot. I like to top mine with yogurt, or mix in some milk. I love mine with a nice whole-grain toast :)

Serves 1-2

Refrigerator Oatmeal is something that is new to me, but has been around for a long time with different names. I’ve tried it with a few different varieties and loved them all. Basically, however you like your oatmeal you can do it ahead of time and enjoy on the go. This is especially great if everybody in your home likes their oatmeal different ways. Kids will enjoy assembling their own cups, and everybody gets what they want without messing with store-bought flavored packets.  Enjoy cold or heat it in the microwave and you’ve got a speedy wholesome breakfast!