Monday, January 28, 2013

Back with lots of unhealthy eats - yum!

Whew, I'm back!  Morning sickness really derailed my love for food for a while - and my motivation in general.. my husband had to do the dishes for like 9 weeks because I didn't have the energy to stand there and wash them.  He's a good man :)

 Here are a few delicious things we've had since I've gotten back to normal.*  Actually, these are just from yesterday and today.

Black Forest Brownies.. or Cheesecake.. or something?

* this was created in a moment of temporary pregnancy insanity.  This was created from a pregnancy craving, and my husband's chocoholic mind.

I thought the can of black cherry pie filling we had would be amazing mixed with chocolate cake mix or brownies.  My original idea was to put the pie filling on top of the baked brownies, but I saw that there was a recipe for Black Forest brownies on the can and it said to put the cherries in the batter.  I spooned the cherry filling onto the batter in the pan and then swirled it in.

Add to that the desire for creamy cheesecake *drools*.  We had a box of Jello No-Bake so we mixed up the filling and spread it on top of the baked and cooling brownies.  Then my husband melted chocolate frosting and drizzled it on top.  These were mouth-watering good.  I want another one just thinking about it.. but I sent the leftovers with my husband for his poker buddies so I'll stop eating them.  (They were good warm, but even better after being in the fridge.)  All of the textures were perfect together, and I couldn't get enough of the sweet cherries hidden in the brownies.

Boneless wings and Buffalo Chips with cheese

My husband's longed-for birthday meal: Homemade "Buffalo Wild Wings" boneless chicken and "buffalo chips" with cheese.  I use this recipe for boneless chicken, though we don't use the hot sauce recipe.  Hubby prefers BWW's Caribbean Jerk, so he buys a bottle or two from the restaurant.  Instructions are the same, just skip the sauce-preparing steps and coat with sauce of your choice.  (FYI, this does work with powdered buttermilk.  I never buy actual buttermilk because it goes to waste.  For this recipe, I mix the buttermilk powder and water until smooth and use rather than following the directions on the canister.)

I have no idea how the "buffalo chips" are made in the restaurant but I fry thick-sliced potatoes in oil until tender, cover with cheddar cheese and bake until cheese is melted.  My husband loves them!

This is a cinnamon roll waffle. Genius.

Finally, a pinterest find!   I wanted to surprise my husband for breakfast this morning - his birthday - and decided on waffles.. something I usually hate to make for some odd reason.  We had a tube of cinnamon rolls in the fridge so I decided to go with those rather than mixing up a waffle batter.  To make, drop a cinnamon roll or two (the photo is of one) in each waffle spot, on a hot waffle maker.  Cook until desired crispness.  Serve with cream cheese icing or syrup.